Education Will Once Again Be Free For Students. By 2012 He Clearly Felt Differently.

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He added: "I thought you would be interested to know that the Conservatives have just announced that we will scrap tuition fees altogether when we are next in government. Education will once again be free for students." By 2012 he clearly felt differently. Then as the British chancellor of the exchequer, he oversaw an increase in the fees to 9,000 a year. The recipient of the 2003 letter was Rosy Williams, to whom Mr Osborne wrote that there was "lots of evidence that it is the fear of going in to debt that puts people from poorer backgrounds off going to university." . This week Ms Williams rediscovered the letter in an old box of papers and posted a scan of it on Facebook, where it has been shared thousands on times. Image copyright Facebook Ms Williams told the Guardian that when she received the letter she was 17-year-old, "I was about to leave school and it was all very relevant." She told the newspaper that she had studied drama for a year, and later did a year-long postgraduate course in violin for which she paid 6,000 in tuition fees. She said that she had hoped to pursue those studies for longer but wasn't able to because of the cost. "I do think it's outrageous the amount of money people have to pay now," she said. "It's astronomical. It means that some people just can't do it.

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